Verse By Verse

In 1992 Dr. Bill Haynes founded the radio program, “Verse By Verse”. It has been heard by millions daily around the world through AM, SW Satellite stations. This program is a listener supported program through the generous gifts of a growing family of faith partners.

Each year numerous Bibles, Bible commentaries, dictionaries, various study helps along with free Sunday School literature are shipped free of charge to a multitude of new converts, native pastors, and churches worldwide. The program has been heard on Short-wave station WWCR (World Wide Christian Radio, 100,000watts) out of Nashville, Tennessee on Sundays for more than 12 years. Its been on WINB (World International Broadcasting, 50,000watts). The program has been heard on a number AM stations in various parts of the world including three stations in the Philippines (Baguio, Cebu, Daveo), in Nashville’s 50,000 watt station WNQM – 1300 am Sunday mornings which is heard from southern Kentucky through Tennessee and south to northern Alabama, KLNG on Sundays in Omaha, Nebraska, KXKS on Sundays in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and KCNW on Sundays in Kansas City, Kansas. Expansion plans include KCFO in Tulsa, WMQM in Memphis, TN., WVOG in New Orleans, La., and WITA in Knoxville, TN. and many more soon. Currently, we are on World Harvest Radio (Lesea Broadcasting or WHR or World Harvest Radio, 500,000watts) on Angel 1 to the one billion souls of the continent of Africa on Sundays at 2:30pm central at 21.630 and Angel 2 on Saturdays at 9:45pm central at 9.840 to all the Northern Hemisphere to billions more. We are reaching out to every continent, country, city and village of the world. We are heard constantly streaming the internet with our programs. We are on Satellite with Universal Christian radio worldwide and others. To make a donation or to become a regular faith partner to this ministry send all correspondence and gifts to the following address.

Radio Program

1st Peter

1st Peter ch:2 13-19

1st Peter ch:2 20-25

1st Peter ch:3 10-15

1st Peter ch:3 16-21

1st Peter ch:4 1-5

1st Peter ch:4 6-12

1st Peter ch:4 13-19

1st Peter ch:5 1-7