Agape Christian Counseling

Dr. Haynes has earned his master and doctorate degrees in Christian counseling from Tyndale Theological Seminary. He earned his Ph.D from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary. Agape offers quality Christian and Biblical counseling for individuals and families, giving answers to various needs out of principles gleaned from the Word of God. Agape understands that there is a need for a place of refuge! Through solid Biblical counseling emotional, mental and spiritual needs are being met by caring Christian counselors. A sense of balance, purpose and hope can be restored.

Agape offers these services…

  • Personal & confidential counseling
  • Premarital counseling
  • Marriage & family counseling
  • Crisis counseling
  • Divorce recovery
  • Addictive behavior
  • Anger Management
  • Blending families
  • Seminars, Books, and CD’s
  • Affordable/Reasonable rates

Agape Christian Pledge

  1. We shall provide Christian counseling without the psycho-heresies, psycho-babble, drug abuse, and unbiblical methods some therapists use.
  2. We shall do our best to keep your church members in your church.
  3. We shall keep client information confidential.
  4. We shall promote Jesus Christ as the Great Counselor and His Infallible Bible, as our main resource.
  5. We shall provide counseling as a ministry service to area churches, pastors and their members as inexpensively as possible, not fleecing the churches, members, state or insurance companies.
  6. We shall not needlessly prolong the number of sessions and we don’t recommend drugs as the solution to all problems.
  7. We shall strive never to undermine your church’s doctrinal beliefs.
  8. We shall insure that our counselors are seminary trained.
  9. We shall work with your church and pastor in every way possible.
  10. We shall give God the glory for all success.

What Does “Agape” Mean?

Agape is the original Greek word for Divine love. It is far superior to man’s love. No human can ever be totally fulfilled without God’s Agape love. No marriage or relationship can be complete without Agape love incorporated into it. This is missing in most relationships.

What is Agape Christian Counseling?

The Greek word Paraklatos literally means “to call alongside.” An Agape counselor is one called alongside to help another with the heavy issues of life. Agape Christian Counseling is biblically based. The counselors are professional, caring, and understanding. This is pastoral style counseling. “God counsels us in all our afflictions so that we may be able to counsel those who are in any affliction..” II Corinthians 1:4.

Agape Seminars & Books:

  • Seven “C’s” To Marital Bliss (Book)
  • Spiritual Bonding for Couples & Families (Book)
  • Blending your Family
  • Divorce Recovery
  • The Church: Divorce & Remarriage (Book)
  • Forgiveness Sets the Victim Free (Book & CD)
  • Anger Danger (CD)
  • Eight Rules to Have a Godly Disagreement (CD)
  • Basic Needs of Men & Women (CD)
  • Bereavement
  • Godly Grief (Book)
  • Stress, Anxiety, & Panic Relief
  • Steps to insure Sexual Purity
  • Master’s Men
  • Gender Differences
  • Adult Christian Dating
  • Single Parenting
  • Dealing with Addictions
  • Dealing with your Crisis
  • Super Awesome Singles
  • Comforter CD (Music)
  • Christian Music Concerts & CDs
  • Healing Hearts After Divorce
  • Healing Hearts After Death